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Autumn 2018 - Castles and Courts

Our Previous Work

As part of Our World topic in Spring 2018, we went on the train to Peterborough and went to visit a school.  We made lots of new friends...

Autumn 2017

The children enjoyed this term and learning about space and the International Space Station as well as astronauts Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong.  In addition to learning about space, we came to school in our pyjamas for Children in Need and as our favourite book character for Book Week and shared the books we liked.  We learnt about materials in science and as part of our art work some of the year 1 children created space picture with pastels.   We also finished the year performing our Christmas Nativity and were very proud of our show.  The parents and carers enjoyed it very much, particularly joining in the song at the end.  Please see the main site for photos of the Christmas Nativity. At the end of the term we were lucky enough to have some reindeers and goats and a donkey come to visit us and we would like to thank the organisers of this for bringing their animals along.

Spring 2018

This spring we have been learning all about our world starting with our school and the villages we live in.  We have learnt about the difference between the town and country.  We wrote letters to our parents and walked to the post box and posted them.  Our parents wrote back to us and we found out about all the different places they grew up.  We were very excited to read their letters and find out about all the places in the United Kingdom and across the world everyone's family comes from.

In science we have found out about animals and our pets and in art we have been colour mixing in reception and looked at some paintings by the impressionist Monet in Year 1.  We created our own landscape paintings with fingers and cotton buds and townscapes with pastels.

In RE we have been finding out about Jesus as a leader and a teacher and  learning about Easter.

We have worked very hard this term and Mrs Hussey is very proud of the progress we are making in our writing and maths as well.