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Our Class Blog

This term we have been looking at, describing and testing different materials. Exploring different materials and sorting them into groups before comparing their properties! Consider what it would be like if the tables were made of jelly or the chairs were chocolate! Then recreate the story of the three little pigs and predict what will happen to their houses. Set up an experiment to test materials for absorbency.

  • We enjoyed sorting materials into magnetic and non-magnetic. Sia and Clara
  • I enjoy talking about what we have found out and putting the things in different groups. Going outside to test things was great fun. Nelly 
  • I really loved testing materials with water and a teat pipette to see if teddy would get wet. Mazie
  • I liked experimenting with water to see if paper, leaves and rocks were absorbent. Oskar


This term we have been using the apples from the school grounds to make apple crumble and apple sauce. It was tricky to peel and chop the apples, luckily Mrs Saul showed how to use a knife and a peeler.

KS1 Trip to Oxburgh Hall

Photos from our trip to Norfolk can be viewed on the Special Events Photo Gallery page.

Pupil Recounts

On Wednesday we got all the people in our group. When we had done that we went to get on the coach. We were all going to Oxburgh Hall. On the bus I sat next to Annabelle it took an hour and a half and I was very excited.

When we got there we had a snack then we put our bags on a table in the tent and we went in the castle. One of the activities was looking at old things in a basket, they were very interesting. We had a picnic lunch. After lunch we went in the Priest hole. My favourite part was the priest hole, it was exciting going inside. We went home on the bus everyone was very tired.

by Clara

Our Previous Work

Our World - Spring 2018

We are investigating the World around us.  We are thinking about the local environment, British wildlife and maps.  We are making models of our own homes and thinking about habitats.

We are reading and writing imaginative poems and stories about hedgehogs and owls.  In Art/DT we are we are investigating texture and textiles.  We are weaving, dyeing and mark-making on fabric. 

Our Learning

Book Week

We have all been enjoying reading lots of different books in Book Week.

The Space Place

There are lots of different activities to try in the Space Place, we all really love working together to make different models and try new things.

Cooking in Maple Class

Every Wednesday, Mrs Saul will be cooking with a group of children. We have enjoyed using some apples from the school trees in our recipes this term.

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