Willow Class

Year 3 and 4

Miss Claire Jarvis - Deputy Head and Willow Class teacher

Mrs Kim Dorsett - Willow Class (PPA)

Mrs Helen Jackson

Miss Jarvis

Mrs Dorsett

Mrs Jackson

Class Teacher

Deputy Headteacher

English Subject Leader

Class Teacher (PPA)

History Subject Leader

Geography Subject Leader

Teaching Assistant

Foreign Language Subject Leader




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Our Work 2017-18

This term we are looking at Space. We have already started learning about the different planets by editing resources and using our own words to create paragraphs. We have been trying to learn the order of the planets in our Solar System by using mnemonics.

In art we are using different paints and techniques to create landscapes. In science we are investigating how light travels and how shadows are formed.

One of our favourite subjects at this early stage in the term is Spanish.