History Day

23 November 2018

Tudor Day - Pupils' Writing

I sat bolt upright in my bed and the thoughts of what were to come flooded my head. Today was to be Tudor Day. As I dressed myself into an old scraggy looking costume (that of a Tudor skivvy) I couldn’t contain my excitement. What will my friends be wearing? What activities were awaiting us? All these thoughts I had in my head.

Stepping out of my front door heading off to school was thrilling, seeing others dressed in a similar style gave me a sigh of relief – I wasn’t alone. Everyone in their costumes made me feel ready for the day. Tudor style!

Five minutes before the activities started we were waiting in our seats, meant to be reading, but I was just too excited. Earlier as I was eating my lunch, I felt exhilarated, my tummy was churning wondering what lay ahead. Adrenaline rushing through me, it was the slowest five minutes of my life! Finally, as we reached the start, we received a leaflet of the activities that we would take part in. “Go” urged the teacher and we were off.

Jenna Whinney

History day was very exciting because we got to make things Tudors used to make and do.  History Day is about learning about the past.  The activities we did were: making nosegays, Wax seals, Tudor dancing, pomanders, using quill pens to write with, marchpane, painting portraits and Tudor roses.  It was great fun and the nosegays and pomanders smelt really nice. I enjoyed the Tudor dancing, adding our own moves to the dance we learnt.

We all dressed up to look like we came from Tudor times.  I wore clothes a prince or rich boy would have worn.

Everybody had so much fun and learnt lots, I think the teachers did a really good job.  I went to bed that night remembering what a great, fun day we had.

Ella Bonnett

Pupils using quills for writing - History Day 2018
Pupils using quills for writing - History Day 2018