International School Award

On 13 October 2014, Barnabas Oley Primary School was awarded the Intermediate International School Award Certificate. We are now working towards achieving full accreditation. This requires the school to embed our work reflecting critically on global themes and working closely with international partners. We will continue to gain experience of working on collaborative projects and increase the level of international activities and their impact on the school's curriculum.

Success for Barnabas Oley Primary School - 18 September 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved full accreditation.

Summer Term 2020


Olympics Topic and International Day

This term’s topic was the Olympics and as part of this work, each class focused on a specific country.  Holly Class learnt about the UK, Maple discovered Iceland, Willow studied Kenya, Silver Birch worked oItaly and Cedar looked at Greece, both Ancient and Modern including parliament and democracy.  This learning culminated in an International Day, celebrated on 24th June 2020.  Children of all ages learning in class ‘bubbles’ at school or working at home covered a diverse range of activities and learnt about additional countries, including Australia.  Our singing assembly had an African theme and included popular songs from the Watoto Choir in Uganda who have visited us in the past. 

See our International Schools edition of The Bugle and this Lego Olympics video made by a pupil in Willow Class: 

Holly Class - UK

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Maple Class - Iceland

View topic work by pupils

Silver Birch Class - Italy

View more photos and work by pupils

Cedar Class - Greece

View topic work by pupils

Learning Spanish

Children in all classes continue to improve their Spanish language skills through a variety of activities in school and at home.  These have included drawing, labelling, singing, watching video clips and playing games.  Older children correspond with their peers at our partner school in Madrid. 

View photos and work by pupils

Learning Spanish!

Learning Spanish!

Links to Spain

This year, we have established a new link with Colegio Julián Marías in Madrid.  Children from Barnabas Oley wrote letters of introduction in the Autumn Term and this exchange continued with pupils swapping Christmas greetings and PowerPoints.  In spite of lockdown and with remote learning in both countries, Spanish students sent us recipes and our pupils are responding. 

Our School Prayer 

Families from our school community have kindly translated our School Prayer into different languages. 

Our school prayer spoken in Polish

Pupil reading our school prayer in Norwegian

 Our school prayer translated to Polish

Other Languages

Christmas 2019

Christmas celebrations were shared with our partner schools.  View pupil work and photos. 

Chinese New Year celebrations 

Children took part in a range of themed activities, including messy play, story-telling, cooking and language learning.  Maple Class performed a Chinese dragon dance as part of their Class Assembly preparation. 

Golden Time 

Each half term, we spend a Friday afternoon of Golden Time.  Children choose from a wide range of activities and there is always a Modern Languages option.  This year children could opt to learn about colours in French, Christmas Around the World (Autumn 2019) or Russian with a Firebird theme (Spring 2020).