Links with Poland

Our International Partnership School

Our links with Zespół Szkół z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi in Tychy, Poland continue.

Through the partnership, our aim is for our pupils continue to learn about a new culture whilst the pupils in Tychy improve their English skills.

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Curriculum Links with Tychy, Poland

  • Pupils from both schools have enjoyed communicating via Skype, where they asked each other questions about their environment.
  • During our Christmas performance of Children of the World, a pre-recorded video was shown of the Polish pupils singing their festive song, whilst our pupils sang the same song on the stage.
  • Christmas cards and biscuits were sent from Tychy to our pupils.
  • Emails have been exchanged between English and Polish pupils sharing information about themselves, their hobbies and interests.
  • We have provided the pupils in Tychy with the songs sung by our school choir. The Tychy school now has its own choir using our songs which enables them to practice their English.
  • We have learnt about Polish traditions during Golden Time.
  • Pupils from both schools have compared their routes to school. We have a display in the Space Place showing the differences between our village and the town of Tychy. See photos below.

  • Examples of our pupils' homework projects have been passed on to the Polish children, which will be used to expand their knowledge of the English language in various topics.
  • As part of our school Spelling Bee the Polish children learnt the same words issued to our pupils, again to help improve their English skills. Our pupils will also learnt to spell some Polish words as part of the Bee!


Our Friends from Around the World

We have friends located in Brazil, Uganda and Kenya.