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Spirited Arts Competition 2017

We have been exploring the big question, "Where is God?" and producing art work to show our answers.  Ten students have had their work entered into NATRE's (National Association of Teachers of RE) annual Spirited Arts competition.  Congratulations go to Olivia Skinner, Esme Johnson, Ellie Whitfield, Lucy Barrett, Isabella Moretto, Benjamin Swallow, Jenna Whinney, Cosmo Johnson, Georgie Thomas and Rylee Medlock for their striking and thought-provoking creations.

Update: Both Isabella and Jenna have had their work included in the online gallery which is a real achievement.  To see their work, it is available on the NATRE website (National Association of Teachers of RE) in their Art in Heaven 2017 gallery in the section "Where is God?"  The gallery gets hundreds of thousands of hits ... so their work is reaching a huge audience!

Forever At One

God is always with us.  When I once felt alone, I went out to see the sunset and I felt like I was at one with God.  I made sure that one of the hands was in the water to show that the person had washed away their sins.

Olivia Skinner

The Seed of Life

This is the title of my work because my vision of God is the hope, faith and love in our lives.  A seed brings all these gifts.

Esme Johnson


I chose this title because I don't believe in God.  I think humans created the world.  In this picture you can see a very subtle pair of hands.  These represents the teamwork that humans have.


The World On Its Own

At the top with the dark blue it represents feeling the lowest and saddest you can be and then the blue gets lighter to show the day is getting better and God is helping them through it.


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