About Our School Council

Our School Council consists of two pupils from each class and the Head Girl and Boy. We discuss issues that will help our school become the best that it can be.

Items on the agenda in each meeting are discussed and then taken back to our classes so that everyone has the opportunity to help make important decisions. In the past few years, we have made decisions on:

  • how to improve playground behaviour
  • equipment being bought to be used at playtimes
  • ways to improve the lunches
  • changes to our visions and values to ensure they are in line with new initiatives in school.

Whenever interviews are held for a new member of the senior management we are involved in the interview process.

The Head boy or girl is responsible for being the chair of the council with the member of staff being in the meeting to provide clarity on issues being discussed. The discussions are open to all members and it is important to us that everyone is heard. All ideas are considered and each class brings issues raised in their PSHE lessons when they need a whole school opinion.

School Council Meeting Minutes - Feb 2018

School Council Meeting Minutes - Sept 2017


School Council members try out our new gym equipment for the first time!

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