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Message from Our Governors - March 2017

Following a consultation process in 2014, Barnabas Oley was included in the admission arrangements for Comberton Village College (CVC) for year 6’s leaving Barnabas Oley in 2015 and onwards. The Local Authority (LA) supported the change on the basis that it was not a change to our catchment secondary school but a change in admission arrangements for CVC. The LA will not support a change of our designated catchment school.

As Longsands Academy is our designated catchment school, the LA provide free transport to Longsands Academy, but not to Comberton Village College. We have discussed this at length with the LA several times and have also appealed to the national body, The Office of the Schools Adjudicator. Following the discussions and appeal the LA have informed us that at a time where significant budgetary constraints are being imposed upon Local Authorities they are not prepared to establish a funded school bus to CVC. We have also been told that even if we consulted to leave the catchment for Longsands free transport to CVC would not be provided.

The Governors and Mrs Smith believe it is beneficial for families that the option of CVC as a secondary school is available, as well as the Longsands Academy and St Bede's schools. Whilst we acknowledge that it would be better to have free transport provided to CVC as well, it is not possible in the current economic climate. We do not expect this to change in the foreseeable future.

In March 2017 the cost of a place on the bus to CVC is £235 and to St Bede's is £275 per term.

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