Our pupils provided lots of feedback about their amazing day!

"It was really fun because there was lots of activities for us to do" - Ella

"What I liked was the neanderthals getting attacked by a smilodon and a mammoth" - Will

"I enjoyed doing the filming because it was very fun pretending to be palaeontologists" - Frank

"Two good memories from Roarr! I thoroughly enjoyed creating the 'Deadly 60' themed film. I also loved creative writing where we had to create a team problem to solve" - Jenna

"I liked all of it. My favourite thing was creating the story" - Arthur

"I enjoyed being the director when we had to record a short film and climbing on one of the dinosaurs at the end of the day" - Izzy

"I enjoyed making the scenes with the dinosaurs. I also liked working with people I don't usually work with" - Aoibhe

"I really enjoyed being information officer because I got to find out lots of facts about some dinosaurs. The animals were so cute and I loved making fact files on all the animals" - Olivia

"I liked seeing the dinosaurs real sizes" - Jocelyn

"I felt very excited because it was a new experience. Also, I loved it when we were filming the videos near the dinosaurs!" - Jessica

"I enjoyed making the films on the dinosaurs, I also enjoyed making the fact files on the animals" - Sally G