Gardening over the years...

Summer 2014

Golden Time - 21st July 2014

During the last Golden Time of the 2014 Summer Term, the children harvested lots of the vegetables they have grown from seed in their raised beds. They washed the potatoes, cut them into pieces and then Mrs Whiddett very kindly cooked them for us. The potato salad was made with both mayonnaise and some with salad cream, all was eaten and enjoyed. The children also made a pasta salad which included courgette, french beans, tomatoes,and lettuce. The children also tasted pieces of their home grown beetroot.

Golden Time - 9th May 2014

The spring Golden Time was another huge success. Eight pupils chose to help in the garden and make a floral bouquet. The children refilled all the bird feeders, weeded the carrot beds, and planted beans. In the main fruit and vegetable gardens they picked the peas, weeded and planted marigolds to deter aphids (companion planting). They also planted and staked a tomato and courgette plant. Everything was then given a thorough water.

Once back in the classroom, Mrs Perkins showed the pupils how to make a floral arrangement using cut flowers and pre-soaked Oasis. The pupils then created a card to help frame their arrangments. Please see the photos below to view the fantastic results. 

Spring 2014

25th April 2014

The children were very enthusiastic as usual. They used our homemade compost to spread over newly planted carrot seeds. They weeded the raised beds and composted the green waste. They also used our new water butt, which is now full of rain water, to water the vegetables. The water butt was funded from the Morrisons gardening vouchers and kindly installed by our school caretaker.

Golden Time - 14th March

The children planted their seed potatoes. We also planted some Silver Birch trees, which were kindly offered to the school by the Woodland Trust. We also planted lots of vegetable seeds for the raised beds. Then the children enjoyed making and drinking strawberry smoothies, using homegrown strawberries from last year.

Golden Time - 31st January

The Gardening Club looked at some home grown beetroot, then they ate some slices of the cooked beetroot which they really enjoyed. They then made Beetroot and Chocolate Buns which they iced with icing sugar coloured pink with beetroot juice. Mrs Whiddett cooked the buns and the children enjoyed eating them before they went home. The pupils also planted some pots up with tomato, cucumber and pepper seeds, plus they also sewed some cress, basil and parsley. Also their early potatoes are chitting ready to be planted soon.

Beetroot and Chocolate Bun Recipe


1 Large Beetroot
200g Plain Flour
100g Cocoa Powder
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
250g Golden Caster Sugar

3 Eggs
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
200ml Sunflower Oil
100g Dark Chocolate


Grate the cooked whole beetroot, add a pinch of salt and the rest of the ingredients except the oil and the chocolate. When completely mixed, add the oil and mix then add the chopped pieces of chocolate. Fill bun cases and cook. When cool decorate with pink icing, (icing sugar mixed with beetroot juice).

Autumn 2013

During the October Golden Time, the children sorted out the raised beds for the winter. They planted some onions, cabbages, radishes, peas, broad beans and garlic. Hopefully, we will have some early crops to pick in spring. We can already see the peas growing!

The children made some garlic bread and enjoyed eating it, plus they tasted slices of oranges with the fennel they grew.

Harvest Time 2013

Summer 2013

July - The children harvested their vegetables before the summer holidays.

The children picked lots of vegetables from their raised beds during the last Golden Time before the summer holidays.  They have grown these from seed in pots, watered them, transplanted them into the raised beds and carried on watering them until now picking them to enjoy eating.

They picked lots of cabbages and enjoyed making coleslaw.  The children grated the carrots and chopped the cabbages up then mixed it all in a bowl with mayonnaise.  It was delicious. We all ate some!

All the potatoes were picked, peas, courgettes, carrots, onions, beetroot, strawberries, sugar snap peas, sweet peas and wildflowers and even some fennel.  The children set up a stall outside school for all the families to take home some produce to enjoy eating.

Thank you for giving a donation, this money will go towards buying more seeds.

We have many budding gardeners at school, who enjoy getting their hands muddy and seeing things grow.

When the children come back in September hopefully the sweet corn will be ready to eat.

June - Making Coleslaw

The children picked a couple of the cabbages that they planted from seed last autumn. They washed and finely chopped the cabbages, they grated some carrots and then mixed with mayonnaise.  The children enjoyed eating some and the remainder was served at lunchtime the following day by Mrs Whiddett. The coleslaw tasted delicious! See photos below.




At Golden Time (10th May) the children had to work out what a particular seed grew into. They looked at the seed, the plant and then the vegetable or fruit it produces. They enjoyed chopping up cucumber, peeling and cutting carrots, then eating lots of cucumber, carrot, cooked corn on the cob, radishes, and tomatoes. They enjoyed this so much we nearly ran out of time to go and do some more planting, watering and weeding.

The vine plant has it's first leaves and looks healthy. They all ate some grapes and pretended that they had been grown on the vine year hopefully. The winter cabbages are ready for picking and making coleslaw with. See photos below.

Dig for Victory

The boys put up the signs to link the vegetable beds with their studies on World War Two; 'Dig for Victory', 'Grow Your Own Food', 'Save Kitchen Waste to Feed the Pigs'. Then they planted the last seed potatoes.


Spring 2013

Golden Time - 15th March 2013

During Golden Time, we planted up a strawberry container and filled a potato container. We sowed seeds and put them in our new plastic greenhouse to start growing. We planted tomato seeds, cucumber, sweetcorn, peas, sweetpeas and sunflower seeds. We also planted a grape vine in our raised bed along with beetroot seeds and wildflower seeds.

Many of the gardening items and seeds were purchased using the Morrisons Gardening vouchers that we have been collecting at school.


Autumn 2012

Golden Time - October 2012

The children made mashed potato from the potatoes they grew. We ate it all and it was yummy! The children also picked the courgettes, grated them and then made courgette cupcakes, they were delicious too.

Click here for the weblink to the courgette cake recipe:


More Vegetables

Tasty runner beans picked for lunch!


Harvest Time


Mrs Whiddett cooks our vegetables for lunch...


Summer 2012

Some crops are ready!

Spring 2012

The new raised beds are ready!

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