Public Speaking Event

Peterhouse College, Cambridge, January 2018

We sent a team of 4- two pupils representing years 3+4 and two representing years 5+6. Our team included Jake, Toby, Benjamin and Eddie.

They attended a training session in December hosted by a member of Peterhouse college and were asked to prepare a speech on the title, "In the future I hope...". Year 3/4 had a time limit of 1 1/2 mins, older ones up to 2 mins.

Each contestant had to stand on the stage of the theatre and speak on their chosen topic. They were judged by a panel from Peterhouse on the following criteria: Clarity and presentation skills, interest and engagement with the audience and the inclusion of rhetorical questions and referenced quotations.

There were prizes for Best speaker and Runner up in both age group categories and a prize for the best overall team score. Jake won best speaker for Year 3/4 but the other team members scored very highly too.

It was a fantastic event and the whole team really enjoyed themselves.

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