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Autumn Term 2019

Food and Farming

We had a lovely Autumn Term, we were lucky enough to go to two different farm settings and learn about how they work. We had a wonderful day at Wood Farm in Waresley, it was sunny and we were able to walk there from school.

While we were there we learnt about farming chickens. We saw them out in the fields, we saw them in their barn, we learnt about how their food helps them to make the shells for the eggs they lay. We were all fascinated by the different size of the eggs and especially liked the bizarre look of ‘jelly’ eggs which are laid in a hurry and don’t have a formed shell.

In the afternoon we went to see the special equipment which the farm has developed. It is a ‘concrete cow’ and it ‘eats’ maize and converts it into electricity! The farm is now really quite eco-friendly and has worked with other local farms to create a bee ‘flight-path’ with the edges of the fields being set aside for bee friendly flowers.

Everyone was tired when they got back from our trip to Wood Farm but we had a great time and learnt lots. Later in the term we went to visit Tetworth Farm Estate. We learnt all about the types of food which they grow and their machinery. Mr Price was impressed by the knowledge we had about rotating crops and he taught us how to make the most of the land. He explained about the eco ways that the estate trims the hedges on a rotation system so that the birds can continue to build their nests.

There were other exciting things to do at the end of term when we all joined in with the KS2 play. The play was about the Olympics and our class started the whole thing off with an opening ceremony. We sang and danced throughout the performance and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

By the end of the term we were all very tired but we knew we had learnt a lot and been very busy.

Farm Visit to Tetworth Estate

Programming - Using Scratch

Spring Term 2019

Spring Term 2019

January to February 2019

January to February 2019

Autumn 2018

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Wonder Walk

On Wednesday 14 November, Willow Class went on a Wonder Walk.  We walked out of school, down Fox Street, across the field and then explored the lane leading back to school.  We discovered so many wonderful things.

We hope you enjoy our prayers.  Perhaps you will be inspired to go on your own Wonder Walk.

Ms Ostler and Willow Class

Dear God

Thank you for the opportunity to go out and enjoy the lovely weather.

Thank you for the beautiful world that thatchers have created with thatched roofs.

We are glad that animals have homes and we have homes too.

Thank you for an amazing imagination to see the world in a creative way.

Thank you for the monster trees and some monster bushes and sticks.

Thank you for these amazing plants.

Thank you for making oxygen so we can breathe.

Thank you for us!


Thank you for us being able to just look at things

because seeing all those lovely trees and plants and just looking

at them is like being in another world.



Thank you for letting us go out for the afternoon

so that we can see trees in a different way and

we can respect nature in the way we should.



This is our display of the prayers of thanks and artwork inspired by our wonder walk.
This is our display of the prayers of thanks and artwork inspired by our wonder walk.

Our Previous Work - 2017-18

This term we are looking at Space. We have already started learning about the different planets by editing resources and using our own words to create paragraphs. We have been trying to learn the order of the planets in our Solar System by using mnemonics.

In art we are using different paints and techniques to create landscapes. In science we are investigating how light travels and how shadows are formed.

One of our favourite subjects at this early stage in the term is Spanish.